May 21, 2018

Why “Fine Art Photography?”

Helpful Info

Fine Art

1. creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.

What is Fine Art?

Fine art is a creative style that can be interpreted in many ways, but the basis of it involves simplicity, beauty, and timelessness. Specifically in wedding photography, it involves capturing moments beautifully, telling a story, and creating something timeless. There are specific reasons as to why you would consider fine art photography for your wedding. To list a few:

  • You want a way to look back on your wedding day beautifully.
  • You want something that will set the record for generations to come.
  • You want photographs that tell a story through the beauty and love of the day.
  • You want something deeper.

Who is Fine Art Wedding Photography for?

Fine art wedding photography is for those couples that want photographs that speak for themselves. Have you ever seen a Rembrandt painting? The way he captured the emotions, colors, and concepts in his work. You can almost interpret what his paintings mean without a guide or print. The paintings stand alone and they speak, just as fine art wedding photographs do. They make a statement with beauty, elegance, and a story.

What to consider when selecting a photographer?

Style! Yes, style. Ask for albums from other weddings, hone in on the photographer’s style. Are they detail oriented? Are the photos messy or cohesive works of art? Think about these things when selecting your wedding photographer. The photographer should be able to tell a story through photographs, maintain a style throughout, and pay close attention to details.

What style do I shoot?

Fine art classic lifestyle. In layman’s terms, I let organic moments happen with very little direction. Directing does need to happen as this helps tell the story better. For example, I might give you a prompt to run off into the sunset rather than posing you. Why this style? Because you will naturally fall into place, and you know, we’ll have epic photographs of you running into the sunset! To learn more about my work and to view it, click here.