May 26, 2018

More Than Just Snapshots: A Look Behind Capturing Connection

Helpful Info

A snapshot is just a photograph, completely unplanned, that has no substance. I am not saying that all snapshots are bad. In fact, some of the most iconic things have been captured spur of the moment in snapshots. There’s definitely a certain essence in capturing things documentary style, but what about deeper connections?

Deep and Soulful

When capturing the connection between two people, the focus should be preserving that connection. That is why I often will give prompts when I am photographing you. Naturally, couples fall right into place. There’s a certain love that takes over and the scene sets itself. This typically happens in the First Look session, as well as the engagement session. Love is deep, love is soulful, and it is to be captured beautifully, to tell a story of the two people.

Minimal Direction

While I do believe in not intervening in moments that don’t need it, I do believe that in the portrait session a little direction does a wedding good. Let’s talk about candid photographs for a moment. While those pictures of you looking into the camera are great for Aunt Jannet’s wallet, they’re overdone. How can you be unique in your wedding photographs? The simple answer is candid photographs. I give you a prompt, and you live it out. “Pretend that you just met again for the first time and you haven’t seen each other in years.” BAM! There’s this connection that forms, and there is this beauty to be captured.

People become People

When you take a photograph you’re capturing the person for who they are. Some of my best photographs have been of people just being themselves. I think there’s authenticity in even the most controlled sessions. You’re creating a moment, a part of history, and a glimpse into the culture and society of today’s world. There’s so much thought that goes into making those moments: comfort, happiness, and a vulnerable environment for people to be themselves in front of a camera.