June 11, 2018

The Top Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Photographs

Helpful Info

In all the years as being a photographer I have learned so many things. Today, I am going to reveal to you the most crucial things to consider for epic wedding photographs.

1. A no-phone ceremony

It’s safe to say that for the majority of us, our phones are attached to us like a limb, but for the sake of your wedding photographs, consider having your officiant make an announcement for everyone to leave their phones in their pockets. That’s the reason you hired a photographer in the first place, to get perfect images of you and your significant other. Phones block faces, make the whole audience look dull, and most of all, it removes the timelessness in your photographs.

2. Details

Details go along way in your photographs. Family heirlooms, like beautiful hair pieces that your mom passed down to you, or maybe a watch that your grandfather gave to you, these things say beauty and tell a story. If you have personal pieces like this that you can incorporate into your detail shots, bring them, tell me about them!

A common question is, how do I get picture perfect invitation shots that are beautiful. Quite simple, mail them to me ahead of the date of your wedding (in perfect condition) and I will joyously photograph them. When the wedding day comes, I’ll bring the suite along and incorporate it with the ring shots, heirlooms, and the like.

3. Ready, Set, Go!

While a beautiful venue will go far in wedding photographs, a beautiful getting ready area will get you even further to those jaw-dropping photographs. Ideal locations include places with large windows with lots of natural light, nice couches, and a mirror. Avoid bathrooms, kitchens, or anything similar if possible.

4. First Look

While it’s not necessary, the first look photograph is something to consider. First looks make the timeline of the day run much smoother and allow me to really capture you in a low-stress situation. It’s not for everybody, and if it’s not for you that’s okay. But remember that the earlier we get you and your significant other photographed, the sooner we can get to other things after the ceremony.

5. Trust

While I am not saying trust anyone, because we have all had our fair share, you should trust me (or any other photographer). If there is no trust, then you will not be satisfied during your day. There’s a secret to those beautiful images that you see, and that’s because the couple trusted their photographer. If you are in doubt, have questions, pick up your phone right now and call me. Wedding photographs depend upon our relationship between one another.