September 16, 2018

Meet Magic

“Cats choose us, we don’t choose them.” – Unknown

On the night of September 8th, our lives took a little turn for the good. We just got back from getting food when we heard little meows coming from our neighbor’s porch. We sat out some food, and lo and behold, here comes a frail kitten. Hip bones and his little spine poking through his fur, he crawled to the food, scared. I quickly grabbed him, and he was terrified. I can’t imagine his thoughts, “Why is this big weird thing picking me up?” I brought him over to the light and saw that he was weak, scared, and what appeared to be, severely malnourished.

The Recovery

My boyfriend carried him inside, and we started recovery for the little guy right away. I dashed off to Walmart and bought him anything he could possibly need: milk, bottles, food, toys, litter. He was freezing, so we “kitty burrito’d” him all night long, taking turns to raise his body temperature. First thing that next morning, we rushed him to the vet to receive good news.

The Vet

We met with the vet, who ran a series of tests. It turned out that he was about 3 months old, and about 1 pound underweight. He was started on a round of amoxicillin for eye issues, as well as a nutritional supplement to help with his malnourishment. For the next 3 days, we cared for the little guy. His eyes were swollen shut from the conjunctivitis, so we had to guide him. His feet were also very sore from asphalt burns, and he had a head wound.

1 Week Later

Meet Magic! Our hearts are forever changed from his meows and cute little paws. I am so thankful this little guy came into our lives. We are so happy to have found him, and we are so glad he chose us. He loves to watch movies, as well as his little toys and treats. Here’s to the years to come, Magic.



Oh, Magic! He’s so cute. I love his little green eyes. I’m happy he found us and that we were able to give him warmth and our love as he recovers.

He’s so small, and cute!

He has the perfect name, it is so magical that he found you guys and you have such a big heart. Magic will now have a wonderful life with a wonderful family. <3
-May your life be full of Magic.

Aww, he really is the best kitty!