October 31, 2018

Pentax 67 135mm F.4 Review and Initial Thoughts

There are many lenses to the Pentax 67, such as the well known 105mm 2.4 or the 90mm 2.8, but the most interesting to me has been the 135mm 4 macro. It’s a specialty lens with great versatility, and I picked up a copy of the SMC version on eBay for a measly $50 (October 2018).


  • Slow Lens, coming at 4
  • Lots of focusing play
  • Heavy compared to 105


  • Insane macro
  • Killer face portrait lens
  • Very cheap


I believe this is one of my daily drivers when I using the 67 system along with the 105. In seconds, I have a lens that shoot detail shots, and a variety of expressive portraits. While the lens is slow, making it unusable in a low-light setting, the bokeh still shines through due to the massive 6×7 negative format. I extremely dislike the weight of this lens. It will make your 67 heavier and interrupts the balance that you normally get with the 105 lens. See the images below for sampling.

bee-on-flower berries-on-branch



Good review! I’m it sure about the weight part though as that later version is actually the same weight at the earlier 105’s. The early 135 is only 15g heavier than the later 105. I find there’s hardly any difference in weight or handling between the two.

Nice, thanks for commenting this. Might not be a bad idea to buy the new one then. Avoid some of the toxicity of the glass, plus I like the design so much more.